Digital Photography – Week 6


Having just seen the lecture entitled Making Strange I feel the theme I have chosen to explore this study period boring and mundane – rather not the theme its self but they way I had envisaged expressing it. I had planned my theme around the element of water and the images I have created so far are predominately landscapes. I know landscapes don’t have to be boring and I did not consider any of mine to be boring but by juxtaposing nature and industry or nature and made objects I could extract greater comment on the effect of civilisation on this planet both positive and negative.

Not totally in keeping with my new theme, this week I have borrowed a Cannon EOS 600D with a 55 – 250mm zoom this has enabled me to photograph birds and has bought me great pleasure. I have found this pursuit most therapeutic. To be able to be present in the moment regardless of what else is happening in my life is almost meditative. The telephoto lens and x2 converter I have borrowed this weekend has offered me special insight into the life, behavior and movement of especially small birds. Colors, actions and even habitat can not fully appreciated by the naked eye. Like a sharp shooter in a video game I feel a powerful sense of accomplishment when I think I have captured something fantastic – and like the sense of excitement when watching an image materialise out of developer solution back in the day, I experience a similar feeling when arrive home and wait for images to appear on my screen after inserting the SD card into the machine.


Blue bird

Superb Wren

colorful bird eating an insect

Rainbow Bee Eater

So perhaps I will combine through montage some images of birds with other things to comment on mans relationship with his environment. I don’t want the comment to reflect the usual Left Wing hippie point of view. I am currently developing exactly what I want to say.

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