Digital Photography – Week 7 Panorama

I enjoyed the task this week – though it was not completed on the first shooting. I completed the first location of the panorama exercise without problems but at the second location everything seemed ok but it soon became apparent in Photoshop that the horizon on the left and right did not match and it was impossible to crop. Because I had the tripod in the water when photographing a Lilly pond it was difficult to get the camera to pan evenly. I went back the next morning and re-shot the pond but it was cloudy and consequently the water lilies which are in flower at this time of year could not be seen – they must open depending on the available light.

I have been steadily working on a portfolio from which I will take 10 images for my final assignment. Last week I mentioned I was developing what I wanted to say – as if I felt something needed to be said, some kind of bold, insightful or disturbing commentary on life, pain, the world perhaps. I don’t want to present something pretentious or something weird for the sake of being weird, I don’t want to take an anti-art, Dada style stance and I don’t want to draw upon my experience as a social outcast living a hedonistic, masochistic and horrible life until recently. I feel if I do create something expressive the nature of my being or me being the product of my experience will ensure the message being received is one not contrived and designed for mass appeal – it will be genuine. I have given this some thought this week and part of the theme I want to explore will be to do combining opposites, expressing the duality of my own personality, of man. How I will do this exactly I am not quite sure. I have long being intrigued by the writing of Descartes and his philosophy relating the mind, body split – I think this worthy of photographic investigation.

looking from under footbridge

Urunga footbridge in the early morning

Panorama of Lilly pond

Panorama of Lilly pond

panorama of footbridge in the morning

Panorama of the Urunga footbridge


I have uploaded three panoramas – I believe the first two to be the best but they were at the same location so I have included the Lilly pond.

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