Digital Photography – Week 11

Week – 11

After putting some screen time in this week I feel a lot more confident about getting my final project done on the theme I was most excited about – the collage theme.

Now having completed 9 of the intended 10 images I am running out of ideas that actually inform the theme or statement I am attempting to make. So at the risk of introducing a slight deviation of style the last 2 images do differ from the ‘cut and paste’ style of the paper styled collage. I just could not help utlising some of the the amazing functions offered by Photoshop. I do love  the simplicity of the traditional style collage and even after the digital image manipulation revolution I have chosen paper collage as a way of expression. The process is for me quite similar but I do feel the digital way of creating a collage is an exercise in emulation. I have found a lot more planning needs to done when working with paper and of course once the glue dries there are no such thing as ‘undo’s’. Having said that the possibilities Photoshop provides are endless.

The changing of canvas size and addition of text this week was quite straight forward but I did learn something and that is always a positive thing!

sea gull on post surrounded by ocean sea bird on branch kangaroo hopping through water mist on Bellinger river man paddiling blue kayak on river sunrise through clouds on river  pink sunset on river


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