New England National Park

I have just got back from a camping trip to the New England National Park about half an hours drive south west of Ebor, north New South Wales. The country surrounding the New England HWY does not prepare one for the absolute majesty of this place. One moment on the drive in, there is cow pasture left and right, the next the road is surrounded by lush Antarctic Beech forest, forming a dense canopy under which the road travels . Our first stop was Point Lookout,   this vantage point from the top of the escarpment provides an insight into the scale and altitude of the National Park, on a clear day one can see the coast in the distance to the east. Back down the road is a car park that provided access

Track around Point Lookout

Track around Point Lookout

Track to Weeping Rock

Track to Weeping Rock

Antarctic Beech forest

Antarctic Beech forest

to a network of walking tracks. The track marked Weeping Rock takes the walker into the Beech Forrest at the foot of a sheer cliff. The bush is lush, green, cool and dark. Oh, and truly amazing. The track follows the contour of the slope, leading through huge boulder caves and down into the valley.

The start of Lyrebird’s and Cascades’s track are gained through the Thungutti campground. Cascades track  descends into the valley and follows Five Day Creek before beginning a steep climb back out of the valley. This place is an absolute wonderland and a bush walkers paradise.

Camping is available at Thungutti and Styx River camp grounds at $5 a night, there are toilets BBQ’s and even a cold shower. Thungutti is the go, with more isolated camp spots available further into the bush for those who want to get away from the car park and other campers.IMG_9843IMG_9815IMG_9850


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