Forest Birds of Northen NSW, Australia

If you told me six months ago i would be today creeping through the coastal forests of NSW hunting birds i would have rolled my eyes and laughed at you. I have always been interested in photography and image making but I  now  have bought a decent DSLR, a super telephoto lens and find myself  instead of getting up early to catch waves, getting up early to catch Australian native birds in the view finder of a camera! What started as the desire to create a nice photo is quickly developing into an obsession. Every time i get a good shot of a new bird, i race home to refer to my field guide, i then slip the SD card into the computer and see what i really have – the sense of anticipation is almost like watching an image emerge before your eyes in the days of film and paper.

Some days i walk the coastal rain forest or mangroved rivers and get no keepers but when i see a bird i have not photographed or when a bird graces my screen that i have been chasing for a while the sense of excitement is amazing. I have been chasing a shot of an Eastern Whip Bird since the start on this journey but alas the beautiful, extremely elusive and enigmatic creature eludes me. Every day i set out imagining its crested head and deep olive green wings in my frame, every day i feel i get closer to that perfect shot, i know it will come but it hasn’t come yet.

colorful bird

Male Bee-eater, Third Headland Urunga, NSW. ©2014

pretty bird

Eastern Spinebill, Bellingen NSW. ©2014

spotted bird

Spotted Pardalote, Sawtell NSW. ©2014

green bird

Green Cat-bird, Sawtell NSW. ©2014

brown bird

Brown Honey-eater, Southwest Rocks, NSW. ©2014

nice bird

Striated Pardalote, Sawtell NSW. ©2014

baby bird

Juvenile Pied Butcher Bird, Sawtell NSW ©2014



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