Cathedral Rock

Acting on reports of snow on the ground near Ebor, a trip to the New England high country ensued. Leaving at 6am from the NSW north coast town of Urunga, the plan was to get to Ebor before the snow melted. A fuel stop at the Ebor Roadhouse confirmed that snow did settle on the ground the day before – while we were there taking shelter from the bitter cold the woman behind the counter took a break from her breakfast of fried chips to answer the phone. Apparently other people were inquiring about whether there was snow on the ground. Responding to the caller the servo attendant cast her eyes out the door of the shop and answered “I dunno, doesn’t look like it from here.” Having been reluctantly directed from Ebor to the Cathedral Rock National Park we left excited about seeing snow in the beautiful surrounds of the National Park. . . .

Red Necked Walaby

Red Necked Wallaby


No snow on the way in but there was quite a few Red Necked Wallabies, this one with a joey. It soon became apparent we were not going to find any snow but the absolute majesty of this place more than made up for it. The track to the summit leads from a BBQ area and the car park and offers for walkers a loop around the amazing rock formations that give the National Park its name.


On the track to the summit

On the track to the summit

This place early in the morning surrounded by fog is truly beautiful, the track is good but quite a difficult walk as the summit is neared, the final climb to the top requires hoping over large boulders and even pulling ones self up a big rock with a chain anchored to the top.


Fast moving fog blown by a feirce southerly wind

Fast moving fog blown by a fierce southerly wind


The day i climbed the rock there was a howling wind from the south west that was bitterly cold and fanned fog banks across the top of the rock at amazing speed.

veiw from the top

View from the top



Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

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