Digital Photography – Rationale

This series of collages has not been created with the idea of triggering a state of epiphany for the viewer. The main reason for choosing to create these images is because I already had accumulated quite a portfolio of good photos. I could have submitted a series of land and river scapes captured in and […]

Digital Photography – Week 11

Week – 11 After putting some screen time in this week I feel a lot more confident about getting my final project done on the theme I was most excited about – the collage theme. Now having completed 9 of the intended 10 images I am running out of ideas that actually inform the theme […]

Digital Photography – Week 10

  I am doing my best this week to muster some enthusiasm and failing quite miserably! I have just spent the last half an hour trying to find the contact sheet function in Photoshop CS4 only to find it does not exist. Note to staff: There is a contact sheet function in CS3 and Adobe […]

Digital Photography – Task 8 Bill Brandt

I have been doing a little research into photo editing this week and have come to the conclusion that a little investment in Lightroom and Photoshop can mean the difference between an average picture and a good one or a good one and a brilliant one. So my long held belief  – that to tweak […]

Digital Photography – Task 9 Still Life

The theme for my final assessment this week has taken yet another tack – yes, exhausting as it may seem and the extra work I will be creating for myself if I pursue this next idea has got me feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. 10 photographs is one thing but 10 complicated collages […]

Digital Photography – Week 7 Panorama

I enjoyed the task this week – though it was not completed on the first shooting. I completed the first location of the panorama exercise without problems but at the second location everything seemed ok but it soon became apparent in Photoshop that the horizon on the left and right did not match and it […]

Digital Photography – Week 6

  Having just seen the lecture entitled Making Strange I feel the theme I have chosen to explore this study period boring and mundane – rather not the theme its self but they way I had envisaged expressing it. I had planned my theme around the element of water and the images I have created […]